Marine Medical Supply Solutions for vessels calling all Bulgarian and Romanian ports

We supply all kinds of medicine, medical consumables and equipment.

Reliable Medical Supply Services

At Sea Star, we believe that the crew’s health and safety should be of utmost priority for each shipowner or manager. In order to manage that, we can provide you with any kind of pharmaceuticals, anti-malarial medication and surgical supplies. We can also deliver medical gases, First Aid kits, water disinfectants, and any medical reference publications directly to your ship or office.

  • All of medical products and equipment are carefully labelled for clear identification. We always make sure that each product is labelled with a unique ID, expiry date and batch number.

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Medical Chest Certification

We facilitate a complete certification process for all kinds of vessels. From assessment and inventory review, through adjustment and restocking, to the final issuance of a Medical Chest certificate.

What’s more, we’ll remind you once your certificate is due to expire because we remain dedicated to our clients, and we care!

SeaStar Ship Supply constantly monitors the latest World Health Organisation’s updates and flag state requirements, ensuring that all our clients are always in compliance with all medical requirements.

Why choosing SeaStar?

  • We prepare a customised offer for each client.
  • By analyzing the most ordered medical products, we can recommend you the most suitable ones.
  • We can supply you with specific medications, upon request.
  • We offer quick delivery, high quality and outstanding customer service.
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