Bonded stores & Slop Chest

Your Bonded Stores and Slop Chest Provider

We offer a carefully designed assortment of bonded stores, individually tailored to all crew members’ preferences.

The crew’s well-being is essential to the effective running of a ship, therefore it’s a vital component of effective maritime business. Our wide range of bonded stores gives every crew member a dose of motivation for more productive and efficient work performance.

Our assortment of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and confectionery can satisfy every need. We also deliver everything from sweets and nuts to oral hygiene products and shaving gels quickly to every vessel. We also stock a wide variety of clothing, electronic items and toiletries.

Reliable bonded store and slop chest suppliers on the Bulgarian and Romanian coasts

Whenever your ship is calling Bulgarian or Romanian port, feel free to contact SeaStar Ship Supply for vast offers, quick response and delivery and reasonable prices.

  • Quick delivery
  • Wide variety of bonded stores
  • High-quality brands
  • We accept short-notice requests

We can arrange to supply any special item upon request.

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