Prompt provisions supply for all Bulgarian and Romanian ports

We are committed to providing you with high-quality provisions, competitive prices and exceptional customer service.

We offer a full range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions for ships with maximum shelf life at favourable prices. Whether you need Italian, Thai, Indian or Mediterranean food products, we’ve got you covered! Our rich selection of international foods and beverages can satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

SeaStar is a member of the Leading Association for Marine Purchasing and Supply Professionals, IMPA.

Fresh taste and a huge variety of provisions for your vessel

All fruits, vegetables and dairy products are being purchased on the day of delivery, ensuring every piece will be enjoyed in its freshest possible state.

Owing to our many years of experience, we’ve established strong partnerships with numerous suppliers that we’re working closely with. This helps us to provide our clients with a large variety of products in no time.

Why choosing SeaStar for your provision supply service on the Black Sea coast?

We believe that individual approach is the key. Our company always strives to provide solutions, based on the personal preferences of the crew, in line with the budget set by the shipowner, management or catering company.

  • We guarantee daily fast delivery
  • We offer fresh and quality products
  • We work with local suppliers
  • We work on short notice or plan months ahead

Our team of experienced professionals will serve your crew with careful attention to the detail.

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