British Admirality Charts, NTMs, Nautical Publications

SeaStar – your admiralty chart agent

Our Navigation Solutions offer worldwide coverage of digital and paper charts and publications for accurate and reliable navigation.

Digital charts and publications from a trustworthy and ​comprehensive database

We provide an easy and effective way to always comply with all IMO and SOLAS requirements and regulations. 

Our digital charts and publications management services offer:

  • Admiralty Charts Service – the most comprehensive digital chart service.
  • Admiralty Digital Publications – a digital equivalent of UKHO’s nautical reference guides.
  • e-Nautical publications – the world’s leading Nautical Publications available as e-books and easy access to weekly Notices to Mariners updates.
  • IMO, Witherby & Other Digital Publications –  all Conventions, Codes, Regulations, Recommendations and Guidelines by IMO, as well as Witherby’s finest e-books and publications in Maritime Industry.

By customizing the system to suit the ship’s requirements, we save our clients’ hassle and reduce transport and delivery costs with our distribution network. 

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Paper charts and publications provided by the widest official coverage of UKHO’s ADMIRALTY portfolio

We offer a broad range of publications from all key maritime publishers including Admiralty, International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Nautical Institute, etc.

We offer:

  • Admiralty Standard Paper Charts – a comprehensive stock of paper charts, including ADMIRALTY and national charts for professional, commercial or recreational use.
  • Admiralty Nautical Paper Publications – renowned nautical and astronomical publications, handbooks and tidal atlases.
  • IMO, Witherby & Other Paper Publications – IMO’s finest books and publications, regarding Conventions, Codes, Regulations, Recommendations and Guidelines, as well as Witherby’s publications on Marine Training, Reference and Regulatory materials.
  • NTMs – defining a vessel’s status of applied corrections for Admiralty Paper Charts and receiving Notices to Mariners (NM’s) including their Tracings.

We can ship the publications at an agreed frequency to the office of the ship manager or directly to the vessel.

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