Marine Life-saving Equipment Supply and Certification

When it comes to Marine Safety and Firefighting equipment, we can supply just about everything, and serve just around all Bulgarian and Romanian ports.

Our aim is to ensure safe and riskless workflow for everyone on the board. As trusted safety and firefighting equipment suppliers, we believe that protecting crew members on the board of cargo ships and advanced offshore platforms should be a top priority for all shipowners and offshore asset owners or operators.

We offer quality services along the Black Sea coast with service stations, located in Varna, Bulgaria. We specialise in annual inspection and maintenance of life-saving appliances, as well as supply of new equipment.

Safety products

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fall Preventer Devices (FPD)
  • Lifejackets for adults and children
  • Marine distress signals
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Navigation and Aviation aids
  • Release Hooks
  • Marine Safety Lights
  • Symbols
  • Signs

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Head Protection: Helmets, Eyes and Ears Protection
  • Respiratory Protection: Masks, Filters, Breathing Apparatuses, Escape Equipment, Oxygen Devises, Air Purifiers
  • Body Protection: Short Term Usage Clothing, Chemical Protection Suits, Fire Protection Suits
  • Hand Protection: All kinds of gloves, including leather, disposable, heavy-duty, etc.
  • Working Clothes: Overalls, Outdoor Clothing, High-visibility Clothing, T-shirts and trousers
  • Foot Protection: Safety Shoes and Protective Boots
  • Fall Protection: Belts and Safety Harnesses, Absorbers and Fall Arresters

Firefighting and life-saving equipment inspection and certification

Apart from being one of the biggest of FFE and PPE suppliers for the Bulgarian and Romanian regions, we also provide annual inspections of firefighting and personal safety equipment to reduce the risk of damage to the ship, injuries to the crew, and fines from fire code noncompliance.

Safety Star is authorised to offer:

  • FFE and PPE annual inspection and certification
  • Liferafts and MES inspection and certification
  • Radio and Navigational equipment inspection and certification
  • CO2 flooding system inspection and maintenance

About Safety Star

Safety Star is a sister company and part of our holding which has been expanding its business and operational activities for more than a decade now. We strive to provide all our clients with efficient and reliable services and product supply in Bulgaria and Romania.

If you want to learn more about Safety Star and the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choosing SeaStar and Safety Star?

  • We offer customised solutions by preparing a personal offer for each client.
  • By analyzing the frequently purchased products, we can recommend you the most suitable goods.
  • We can supply you with specific equipment, even if you do not see it above.
  • We offer fast delivery, top quality and excellent customer service.
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