Technical supply

We offer a wide range of flexible services and high-quality products, totally adapted to your needs and preferences.

Since we launched SeaStar our core business is supplying technical spare parts in Bulgaria, Romania, and the Black Sea region.

We deliver high-quality products promptly and smoothly to any ship-owner, manager, operator, agent or ship management company. Our technical supply service offers a wide range of local and transit products.

Our experienced team of maritime professionals will send you a customised offer, depending on the products you need. We treat every customer as a unique individual and strive for world-class service.

Our service quality managers ensure smooth operation and satisfied customers by testing and evaluating the quality of each facility and tool that we deliver to our clients.

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Engine, deck & cabin stores

We can provide you with all general deck stores, including:

  • Mooring, Ropes, Wires and Cables, Pipes and Tubes, Leak repair kits, Flanges, Seals, Tools, Dunnage, Anchors and anchor’s chains;
  • Electrical equipment, Electric motors, Welding equipment, Waterproof Plywood, Hydraulic Systems;
  • Lashings, All type of compressors, Wide range of ship’s spare parts, Valves, Pumps, Hoses, Filters;
  • Gangway ladders and Pilot (embarkation) ladders.
  • Bathroom equipment, Climatic equipment, Stationery and Consumables, Appliances, Furniture.

Computer, Radio And Navigational Equipment

We offer all kinds of hardware and software, as well as:

  • PC services, VHF radios, EPIRBS, Radar transponders and GPS devices;
  • Compasses, Barometers, Thermometers, Clock, Stop-watch;
  • Nautical instruments, Binoculars;
  • Satellite equipment and phones.

Marine Chemicals, Gases, Oil And Lubricants

  • Marine lubricants for engine, compressor, hydraulic, cylinder and different greases;
  • Marine Chemicals and additives;
  • Marine Paints.

Why choosing SeaStar ship supply in the Black Sea region?

  • All products and packaging comply with IMO regulations and all required certificates.
  • High-quality products and excellent customer service.
  • We work with key suppliers that have a short notice time.
  • We provide everything you need in a quick and price-effective manner.
Request an offer today: sales@seastar-supply.com